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Continuous Online Carbon Measurement 

Accurate and high frequency measurement of in-tank carbon concentration

C2 Meter online carbon measurement

C2 Meter online carbon measurement – a product by Mintek – can help improve gold recovery by optimising carbon movement control and carbon concentration. 

Accurate Measurement & Control

Carbon measurement and automating carbon movement control can reduce carbon attrition rates, improve gold absorption and reduce soluble gold losses.


Continuous Carbon Profiling

Continuous carbon profiling allows you to make faster adjustments to your carbon in circuit.

Early Detection of Carbon Screen Leakage

By detecting early carbon screen leakage, this will minimase gold losses.

C2 Meter online carbon measurement

C2 Meter

The C²Meter, a product from Mintek, is comprised of an immersion probe and its associated control panel.  It contains matched transmitter/receiver transducers to measure the carbon concentration using ultrasound.

The probe is installed in the tank and measures continuously in the adsorption tank pulp.

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More Features

Improve Gold Recovery with Automated Carbon Measurement & Advanced Control.

Operator time is freed up from manual task.

Earlier detection of carbon leaks. 

Uninterrupted carbon measurement, even in hazardous conditions. 

Remote and onsite support.

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